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At The Hamel Company, we focus on delivering high-quality repairs for residential and commercial property owners who’ve had damage ranging from floods to fires to mold. We’re a full-service damage repair company that puts your home, office or building back together, on any project that involves an insurance claim. Once a remediation team has resolved the problem – whether it’s a leak or faulty insulation, our team takes over to ensure clients get their property back in the same condition it was before the disaster.

Understanding the repair process, we always have a plan in place, and practice the same tasks over and over again: drywall plastering, insulating, painting, carpentry, and cabinet and tile restoration. As experts in home and building reconstruction after water damage, we’ve also become experts in working with insurance carriers to make the repair process both fast and cost-effective. We believe that clients dealing with an emergency should not have to deal with designers or general contractors anxious to squeeze every last cent out of a job. We’d much rather give our clients the best value for their money by restoring things to the way they were before the damage, and keep our 5-star rating that we’re known for in the industry, and worked hard for.

Commercial Projects

As part of our repair and restoration work, The Hamel Company also supports condo associations and residential community developments across New England. Snowy, cold and icy winters often bring unexpected problems to buildings and apartments of every size, and with that, property managers, condo trustees, and landlords scrambling to resolve issues for multiple units in need of repair.

We’d like to become an expert resource if you’ve had damage, ease your workload and streamline the repair process. Rather than working with three different contractors, across three units for the same problem, think of The Hamel Company as a one-stop-shop. We know the insurance industry and can work on your behalf to make the right estimate for you, and your residents.

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