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Our Approach

Delivering high-quality repairs without the headache

At The Hamel Company, we give our clients their property back.

Restoring a property after a disaster requires an enormous effort and it’s a job that’s often done hand-in-hand with a remediation company. They do an excellent job with diagnosing the problem and setting a process in place to stabilize any further damage, and begin cleaning up. We appreciate and understand the importance of their role and it’s precisely for that reason that we love partnering with them to ensure our customers get the best of both worlds: a resolution to the problem, and a beautiful repair job.

We believe that by focusing our attention exclusively on reconstruction and repair, we are able to concentrate on what’s important – in what can often be a long road to restoration. This allows us to spend more time fine-tuning and fixing a property. We take careful stock of all the individual elements requiring repair; floors, tiles, walls, insulation, paint, carpentry, and more.

With many years in the industry, we have developed a sensitive understanding of how homeowners feel about their property’s damage and putting everything back together again, the right way. And, doing it in a way that navigates the insurance landscape to optimize time and cost.

As regulations continue to increase for building departments and insurance carriers, customers have come to expect the worst when faced with disaster. A single misstep in the process can lead to warranty issues, timing delays, anxiety and frustration. Our keen eye for details, combined with a close relationship with insurance companies allows The Hamel Company to provide its customers with top quality, on time repairs.

In addition to the specialized way we work with insurance companies, we also have a strong relationship with our sub-contractors.  This reflects a core value of The Hamel Difference; our total and complete commitment to our customer, and our belief that the customer is the number one priority.

It’s your property that we’re giving back, to you. It’s got to be right.

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